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Journey through pages

My days lately have been divided between manic work to finish the projects before the well deserved annual leave, insane amounts of Christmas shopping and thinking how great it would be to escape the cold, grey reality and be somewhere new and exciting instead. Luckily I’ve got my books!

Travel writers have kept me sane whenever wanderlust would hit me hard at a time when life doesn’t provide chances to travel. If you have a full-time job, a relationship and a whole lot of other good things going for you, traveling is not always an option. So what do you do with that insatiable hunger for exploring the world? You read.

If, like me, you wish you could travel every day of your life, or know someone with this on-the-road addiction, here’s what to get them this Christmas: a travel book.

Here’s a list of my top 10 suggestions:

  1. Paul Theroux, “Dark Star Safari”trip from Cairo to Cape Town for anyone dreaming of Africa
  2. Mary Morris & Larry O’Connor, “Women Travellers” – for all the traveling feminists out there
  3. Eric Weiner, “The Geography of Bliss” – for those who travel to find themselves
  4. Ryszard Kapusciski, “The Shadow of the Sun” – for the history, politics and psychology enthusiast
  5. Lonely Planet, “Best of Lonely Planet Travel Writing” – for those appreciating or wanting to learn quality writing
  6. Sebastiao Salgado, “Genesis” – a photography album celebrating beauty and diversity of this world
  7. Lonely Planet, “The best place to be today” – 365 suggestions of exiting places to visit and things to do, for anyone who needs an inspiration
  8. Jules Verne, “80 days around the world” – for anyone who likes classics
  9. Jack Kerouac, “On the road” – for the rebels and those missing the Beat generation
  10. Alain de Botton,  “The art of travel” – journey through travel itself, for the traveling philosophers


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